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5 Things For Homeowners To Do Before A Wildfire

  1. Harden your home by replacing flammable siding, roof and deck materials with non-combustible materials.

  2. Replace vent screens with 1/8" or smaller metal mesh.

  3. Clear brush from along your driveway to allow better access for emergency vehicles and make sure your address sign is clearly visible (e.g. reflective numbering).

  4. Clean roofs, gutters and decks (move flammable furniture, remove dead branches and pine needles).

  5. Move wood piles at lease 30 feet away from structures.

Businesses are also affected by wildland fire. Evacuations, closed roads, loss of property can happen faster than anticipated. The Yakima Valley Fire Adapted Communities Coalition and the Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network are working on developing business resiliency tools for businesses throughout Washington. Stay tuned for more information about business resiliency.

Before the Fire

Homeowners and residents, businesses, land managers, emergency responders, and community leaders all have a role to play before a fire. Living in wildfire country comes with risk and responsibility. Not preparing your yard and home can put firefighters at risk. In fact, if a firefighting team determines that it is not safe to defend your home, they most likely will not. Keep your home and our firefighters safer.

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